List of terminals with working folder names

From time to time, I had many terminal tabs open and wanted to see the list of terminals along with working folder names. Finally, I fed up with the issue tried to find a solution. After fiddling with some code, here’s the function that I added to .bashrc file

tty-list() { ps aux --sort=start_time | grep "pts/" | grep [b]ash | awk -F" +" '{print $2"\t"$7}' | while read PID PTS; do echo -n -e "$PTS""\t"; readlink -f /proc/$PID/cwd; done ; }

In terminal, tty-list command lists the pts number and working folder name as shown below:

pts/3	/home/alper
pts/6	/home/alper
pts/7	/home/alper/.logs
pts/8	/home/alper/tmp
pts/9	/home/alper/Documents/blog-github/website
pts/9   /home/alper/Documents/blog-github/website

The list is in order of opening the tabs. As you notice, last two lines are duplicate because when you issue the function there’s while loop and I’m guessing it’s running in a subshell so the terminal you run the function is counted twice.

Alper Yilmaz
Assist.Prof.Dr. Alper YILMAZ

My research interests include genome grammar and NGS analysis.


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